Judge Chali to dismiss case for medical examination of Sata

Judge Isaac Chali is likely to dismiss the case in which Brebner Changala is seeking to compel cabinet to constitute a medical team to examine president Michael Sata’ mental and physical fitness to continue ruling.

Intelligence sources have told the Watchdog that Chali is a member of the ruling family forest and can therefore not rule against his bedridden relative.

‘That Chali judge is actually a grandson of Lombe Chibesakunda the acting chief Justice so you can see the relationship with president Michael Sata,’ said a source.

Intelligence sources say judge Chali is not even in Ndola but based in Lusaka as judge in charge. Sources say Judge Chali allocated the case to himself so that he can dismiss it.

Sources say Chali is one of the judges who were brought to Lusaka when independent judges were transferred to rural areas.

Changala, through his lawyers Makebi Zulu and company have petitioned the High Court to compel cabinet to set up a medical team to investigate president Michael Sata’s ability to continue ruling given his fallen health.

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