Judge Chikopa Resurfaces Amid Tight Security

Tight security surrounds tribunal judge LovemoreChikopa whose offices are at the new wing of Government complex in Lusaka. Judge Chikopa who held a meeting with lawyers representing suspended judges today could not be filmed as MUVI TV journalist Bruce Mwale was barred by armed police officers.

As he was moving from his office to the proposed tribunal hall the security conscious Judge Chikopa stood at the exit door when he noticed MUVI TV journalists at the reception.

Those that were part of the meeting include attorney general Mumba Malila, lawyers Milner Katolo, Erick Silwamba, Lubinda Linyama and Sakwiba Sikota.

And journalists wishing to cover the tribunal are being subjected to serious scrutiny as they required to file in three forms, submitting three passport photos, three letters from their employers and photocopies of NRCs

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