Judge Flugence Chisanga put under pressure to revoke stay of execution today

Judge Flugence Chisanga put under pressure to revoke stay of execution today

The entire government system and apparatus has been diverted to intimidate Judge Flugence Chisanga to revoke a stay of execution she granted to two High Court Judges yesterday.

The Watchdog has been told that the OP, officials from State House, DPP, solicitor General’s offices and ministry of Justice have all combined to put pressure on the judge to revoke her earlier order.

The PF government wants the stay of execution to be revoked today and Musa Mwenye and OP officials have camped in Judge Chisanga’s office. They won’t move until she does what they want. They are also preparing to go to the Supreme Court in case Judge Chisanga stands her ground.

Judge Flugence Chisanga yesterday May 16,2012 stopped proceedings of a Tribunal appointed by President Sata to investigate  supreme Court Judge and two High Court Judges.

To show how pissed the PF government is, Justice minister Sebastian Zulu summoned the media today and told them that  the decision by the Lusaka High court to stop proceedings of the Tribunal appointed by President Michael Sata is illegal and amounts to a direct attack on the president’s decision, as if there is something wrong with challenging Sata’s decisions.

He waffled that government is surprised that the judiciary is refusing to be accountable to the people by not allowing the exercise of its power to be checked by the executive through the procedures provided in the constitution.

Zulu told a media briefing in Lusaka that this is the first time since independence that the judiciary has acted in such a manner, as if that is important.

He warned that the growing trend where the country is having a dictatorship of the judiciary is a recipe for anarchy, obviously he prefers a dictatorship of his paymaster.

Zulu stated that if such a trend is not addressed, it may lead the country into serious problems.

Zulu said  the judiciary should not shield itself from investigations.

He claimed the people of Zambia are tired of complaints of incompetence, corruption, and collusion in the judiciary. He said nothing about the complaints of the PF government failing to fulfil promises and supporting their political allies on the K14 billion scandal.

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