Judge Hamundu praises Barotseland for high moral values

High Court Judge Evans Hamaundu who is conducting sittings in Mongu has commended the people of Western Province for exhibiting high moral values. This is in view of the lowest number of sexual offences the province has continued to record.

Hamaundu was Speaking during the official opening of High court sessions in Mongu on Monday.

Judge Hamaundu noted that while court statistics show that cases of sexual offences in general and defilement in particular are rampant in the rest of the country,  Western province currently has only 8 defilement cases undergoing trail.

He however noted that just as it is the situation in the rest of the country, Western province has extremely small prisons as compared to the number of inmates being held.

Judge Hamaundu said the issue of congestion in prisons might be eased if the courts became liberal in their grant of bail to accused persons.

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