Judge Mungeni postpones to Thursday consent judgment matter

High Court Judge Mungeni Mulenga has postponed to Thursday the hearing in which Miles Sampa’s lawyers want the consent judgement that purported to make Edgar Lungu PF president ‘frozen’.

Mungeni is the same judge who signed the defective consent judgement and later refused to let other affected parties be heard. It took the Supreme Court to order her to do so.

In the case, Miles Sampa is challenging the declaration by the judge that Lungu is the PF president.

But when lawyers representing Sampa’s lawyers applied to have the consent judgment stayed, Mungeni deferred the matter to Thursday, a day before the PF president is scheduled to file nominations.

On Thursday, Mungeni will just hear whether the consent judgement can be stayed but may set another day in future for ruling. Mungeni has a personal interest in the matter as she is related to Lungu.

A check by the Watchdog on her Mungeni’s diary at the court revealed that she has no other case to hear today or tomorrow.

She is buying time so that Lungu can file in.

Acting president Guy Scott has written to the Chief Justice not to receive any PF nominations papers until the Judicial process is exhausted.  There are tricks by Lungu camp to file nominations before the court cases are exhausted.

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