Judge Mwanamwambwa calls for HH’s blood

Judge Mwanamwambwa calls for HH’s blood

Frustrated deputy Chief Justice Marvin Mwanamwambwa is wondering why the Constitutional court has not jailed UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Meanwhile, Mwanamwambwa  today got even more frustrated and bitter when he failed to send Bishop Mambo and Gregory Chifire to jail when Chifire did not appear before the Kangaroo court.

Mwanamwambwa grudgingly postponed his kangaroo sitting to next week when he was told that Chifire is not in court. We urge Chifire and others not to appear before a court of hyenas.

In the HH case, Mwanamwambwa  says it’s not him or Irene Mambilina to jail HH but the Constitutional court. Mwanamwambwa was responding to a letter by some paid agent who claimed that HH insulted judges last year.

Mwanamwambwa  who referred to HH as the culprit said there is no need to even waste time investigating as according to him, evidence is already there.

It’s clear that Mwanamwambwa is trying to involve constitutional court Judges in his foolishness.

For some reason, this Mwanamwambwa is now the acting Chief Justice, what a waste of space.

How can a person receive a fair trial when he is already refered to as culprit? A culprit is a guilty not accused person. What happened to the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ principle?

This is is the problem of allowing angry, frustrated old men to run the judges judiciary.

Just see the anger in which this letter is written “👇🏾

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