Judge refuses to hear Kaizer Zulu’ s robbery case

Judge refuses to hear Kaizer Zulu’ s robbery case

LUSAKA High Court judge Wilfred Muma has refused himself from handling the matter in which Kaizer Zulu and his allies have been dragged to court by four Lusaka residents for assault and kidnapping.

When the matter came up for hearing on September 26, judge Muma indicated that he knew Zulu.

“There is growing conflict of interest as I know the first defendant. I, therefore, recuse myself and refer the matter for reallocation,” said judge Muma.

And hearing the matter could not commence after reallocation as the parties were not in attendance.

Bernard Nshindo, Sengelwayo Jere, Saul Masikoti, who are qualified surveyors and businessmen, and Mason Mweemba, a driver, have sued Zulu, who is President Edgar Lungu’s political advisor, and his acquaintances Mpange Kachingwe, Raffiq Rashid, and Bella Mwanza, a Director of Chita lodge Limited, in the Lusaka High Court, seeking, among other claims, damages for assault, false imprisonment and kidnapping.

They stated that Kaiezer claimed that they [plaintiffs] were photographing his speedboat at Chita Lodge in Kafue.

The four who have also cited Chita Lodge limited and the Attorney General as the fifth and sixth respondents, claim that Zulu manhandled them whilst firing gunshots in the air.

They also claimed that he pointed a pistol to their heads and threatened to kill them.

According to their statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court on September 12, the quartet said that while at Chita Lodge in Kafue on September 7, they where approached by Zulu, Kachingwe, Rashid, Mwanza and other acquaintances, who accused them of taking pictures of Zulu’s speed boat.

The complainants contended that they denied taking pictures of Zulu’s boat and offered to delete all their personal pictures that they captured on their phones whilst at Chita Lodge to satisfy the demands of Zulu and his allies.

The four said that Zulu, Kachingwe [Major Richard Kachingwe’s son who was among those cited in the Sesheke violence against Hakainde Hichilema] and Rashid, who were armed with pistols, lost their cool and immediately begun to physically assault the second Jere, to which Masikoti and Mweemba attempted to bolt out of the recreation centre and a car chase ensued while Zulu, Kachingwe and Rashid fired live ammunition.

They stated that Masikoti and Mweemba could not dash out of the premises as Mwanza ordered security guards of Chita Lodge to seal all exit points at the establishment which led to their apprehension and unlawful detention.

Nshindo, Jere, Masikoti and Mweemba are seeking an order of injunction restraining Zulu, Kachingwe and Rashid from threatening and/or assaulting them.

They are further claiming damages for assault and battery, damages for nervous shock, damages for false Imprisonment and kidnapping.

They also want special and/or aggravated damages for injuries that they suffered, interest, and costs.

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    The Watchman 2 weeks ago

    What is the definition of justice?
    How is justice renderd?
    Does the delivery of justice discriminate?
    Does justice know friends, family, enemies or associates ?
    What is the primal role of the judiciary?
    What does it mean therefore when a justice says ‘ I know this one so can’t handle his case’?
    So does it mean that injustice or justice can only be delivered to those unknown by the dispensers of justice?????
    I find this whole thing of having to recuse oneself an afront to the cause of justice . I need intellectual answers here with citations…..

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    James bond 007 2 weeks ago

    Kaizer days are numbered. One day you will live to regrate. People are not happy with your behavior.

    • comment-avatar
      Nyambe the Hero 2 weeks ago

      Zulu is too foolish to realise his ‘bosses’ will get rid of him once they find a method.

      This country has witnessed many mysterious deaths like Nalumino Mundia, Paul Tembo etc.