Judge’ statement on Lungu embarassing State House

State House is said to be embarrassed by remarks uttered by a judge when he quashed a deportation order of minority shareholders in Zambian Portland cement. When he was minister of Home Affairs, Lungu deported two Italians, the Ventriglias; for being a danger to peace and good order in Zambia.

But when Lungu became president, Rupiah Banda facilitated the revocation of his partners’s return. A judge, who is a family member of Rupiah Banda revoked Lungu’s deportation order saying it was unreasonable in the Wednesbury sense. In simple language, it means that the decision by Lungu to deport the  Ventriglias was so unreasonable or irrational that no reasonable person acting reasonably could have made it. It suggests incompetence and drunkenness.

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Ventriglias to Face Criminal Charges: President Signed the Deportation Order and No amount of Judge Hiring will work

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