Judgement in Masebo case on today

Magistrate Irene Washimanga is today is expected to pass judgement in a case in which Former Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo is facing two counts of abuse of authority of office.

Ms Masebo  was arrested by the Anti Corruption Commission on 23rd July,2015 and has been attending trial ever since.

She is in the first count accused of cancelling the tender for the hunting concession when she served as Tourism Minister without following procedure.

Ms Masebo is in the second count accused of terminating the contracts of senior Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) officers without following procedure.



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  • A very hard working minister,

  • IF she was not married i would have asked for a hand in marriage so that i can be washing her clothes

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  • Irene washimanga one of them remaining honorables

  • Autopilot…!

  • The judiciary is rotten to its core!

  • Sentenced to……???

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    muntungwa 7 months

    We shall see how this works for this cute lady.If Dora slit and Max Mwale were set free so should she also.

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    stormy nights 7 months

    she will get the shaft. especially since she’s last and the others have been acquitted. not to mention that she’s anti-pf. they did this like this on purpose.
    plus she is not sucking any senior members member

  • Am waiting after somebody aquited

  • let the rich bary them self and the poor too and put christian nation aside becouse it is distroying every thing

  • are these the only judges the whole nation has

  • we will see the wisdom of the learned judge. hope the judge holds aligence to God not man fallen Angel

  • yayayayaya hee wapya munzi

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      In which country does this doctor live and what’s the area exactly?

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  • I pray that God will help her to see the light.

  • You can’t arrest us all!


    The majority

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  • Dora Siliti was aquited, so they have to aquit Sylvia too.

  • Even forgot about this case.

  • Maxwell and Dora were acquitted of their crimes because they’re now with the ruling party. let’s see how this turns out for Sylvia….

    • Let’s wait n see

    • The state will appeal. Sunday and Amos will give different press conferences emphasizing on the need for the Judiciary to be profession. The artorney General will joinder to the appeal.