Judges express their views to Sata

Judges express their views to Sata

A high level panel of Supreme and High Court Judges this morning met President Michael Sata to air their views on the issues affecting the judiciary under his administration.

It was not immediately clear what was discussed but the watchdog understands that they went to complain to the Head of State on the way the Executive and a named newspaper is interfering in their operations on matters that are purely personal for the involved individuals.

The men and women of the bench were led by Acting Deputy Chief Justice Dennis Chirwa.

A few individuals led by the Post newspaper owners  have been calling  for the resignation of the Chief Justice, Ernest Sakala, even when there are no charges that have been laid against him.

The Judiciary and the country has of late come under pressure and got entangled on matters that involve only two individuals in the country who borrowed money from DBZ but do not want to pay back government resources.

Later Sata’s mouth-piece George Chellar released the statement below.



LUSAKA, Thursday, May 24, 2012His Excellency Mr Michael Chilufya Sata, President of the Republic of Zambia, today held a closed-door meeting at State House with a selected number of Supreme Court and High Court judges from across the country after they requested to meet with him.

The adjudicators who were led by acting Deputy Chief Justice Dennis Chirwa appreciated the President’s gesture to grant them an audience.

During the meeting, President Sata, who was flanked by the Minister of Justice Sebastian Zulu, Attorney General Mumba Malila, Solicitor General Musa Mwenya and Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito, stressed the need for constant dialogue and interaction between the executive and the judiciary.

The meeting, which lasted for approximately one hour, was very cordial, as both parties conferred on matters of common interest concerning the challenges facing the judiciary. This is the first meeting the Head of State has held with the judiciary since assuming office.

The delegation from the judiciary comprised of justice Dennis Chirwa (acting Deputy Chief Justice), justice Lombe Chibesakunda (Supreme Court), justice Florence Mumba (Supreme Court), justice Rhoyda Kaoma (Kitwe High Court judge-in-charge), justice Munalula Lisimba (Ndola High Court judge-in-charge) and justice Jane Kabuka (Lusaka High Court judge-in-charge).

Others were justice Ernest Mukulwa-Mutiyo (Livingstone High Court judge in-charge), justice Eddie Sikazwe (Kabwe High Court judge-in-charge), justice Stephen Nyondo (Chairperson of the Industrial Relations Court), justice Mwiinde Siavwapa (Ndola), justice Isaac Chali (Kitwe) and acting director court operations Charles Kafunda.  

 Issued by:

                                                GEORGE CHELLAH

                                    SPECIAL ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT

                                        PRESS AND PUBLIC RELATIONS

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