Judges finally yield to Italian mafias’ demand

Judges finally yield to Italian mafias’ demand

Finally judges yield to Ventriliglia gang

Here are simple facts:

In March this year, the Court of Appeal decided that Finsbury Investment is the majority Shareholder in Zambiezi Portland Cement and ordered that Finsbury should take over the running of the company.

The Ventriliglia family appealed to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court agreed with the Court Appeal that the Italians family (Ventriglia) are just minority shareholders therefore can not be the ones to run the company.

The Ventrilglia family surrounded the cement plant with armed thugs and state police and refused to obey the court orders. At the same time, the Ventriliglia family rushed back to the Court of Appeal. This time they were asking the court to stay (stop) the implementation of the judgement it made in March 2020.

Yesterday 3 December 2020 , the Court of Appeal threw out the demand by the Ventriglia family.

Today, 4 December 2020, the same Court of Appeal agreed to stay the execution of the judgement it made in March. Popcorns please.

Surprising, the Italian family did not even get leave (permission) of the court to appeal. But they have been given permission to stop the implementation of the judgement. We wonder what the Court of Appeal will say this time,

Meanwhile , the judgment of the Supreme Court has not been stopped. It is in force. So how does a lower court stop a judgment that has been endorsed and upheld by the highest court in Zambia? More popcorns please.

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