Judicial Complaints body finds Magistrate Simusamba guilty

Judicial Complaints body finds Magistrate Simusamba  guilty


The Judicial Complaints Commission (JCC) has recommended that Lusaka principal resident magistrate David Simusamba be removed from the judiciary.

In 2018, MMD leader Never Mumba wad forced to spend nights in jail because of Simusamba . Mumba was arrested over some trumped up charges but when he was taken to court, magistrate Simusamba refused to hear his bail application by making funny, silly excuses including that he was not in Lusaka. Mumba later complained to the Chief Justice and the JCC. Now the JCC has completed its investigation and has found that Simusamba is unfit to be a magistrate or judicial officer.
This is the same Simusamba who has been reported to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) by Chishimba Kambwili for soliciting a bribe in order to drop the case of forgery against him.
ZWD comment: Indeed Simusamba is not fit to be a judge, even for a miss Lusaka contest. We have observed Simusamba’s conduct over the years. It’s abhorrent and repugnant. We are not aware of any case which Simusamba has ever handled with due care and dilligence. Each and every case Simusamba handles is riddled with controversy and injustice to the accused person even if they are innocent. It’s even shocking that someone could have promoted this quack to be a senior magistrate. Simusamba is a disgrace and embarrassment to the judiciary. He must go

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