Jugde Ngoma assaults UPND Councilor in Mufumbwe

Jugde Ngoma assaults UPND Councilor in Mufumbwe

Judge Ngoma seen here in Nigerian Bubu as Sata’s body guard

Patriotic Front ex-convict and cadre Judge Ngoma yesterday assaulted United Party for National Development Matushi Ward Councillor a Mr. Kayona during campaings for Mufumbwe bye-elections.

Judge Ngoma who has been carrying huge sums of money donated also fired two shots in the air to instill fear in would be voters.

According to senior security sources, Judge Ngoma who is a Zesco Limited employee was annoyed when he and a Mr. Newton Malwa were stopped from distributing money to voters by Councillor Kayona.

In the process Judge Ngoma after assaulting the Councilor together with Newton Malwa and others fired two shots in the air that led to residents of Matushi Ward in Mufumbwe to scamper in all directions.

Meanwhile Police in Mufumbwe who were around when Judge Ngoma committed the crimes, also assaulted Councillor Kayona’s wife when she went to complain about Police ineffectiveness at Mufumbwe Police Station.

Judge Ngoma who is one of the people pardoned by President Sata when he assumed office as a Republican President is linked to a number of criminals connected to the increase in spate of crimes in Zambia including the famous murder of National Institute For Publication Administration student Ruth Mbandu.

Judge Ngoma is one of the 40 untrained senior intelligence officers recruited by President Sata last year.

He is also reported to have a huge number of teargas cannisters.

Whenever there are campaigns, Zesco Limited the employer to Judge gives him huge sums of money together with a fleet of vehicles to help his mission.

Zesco Limited is headed by Cyprian Chitundu whom former President Rupiah Banda retired in national interest after presiding over the worst two power black outs in the country that even affected security installations.

Zesco Limited is one of the parastals that has accommodated a lot of PF cadres among them the Wife to President Michael Sata’s mouth piece George Chella.

Zesco Limited under Chitundu has continued employing PF cadres as Meter Readers at the time when it is installing Pre-paid meters that do not need a readers.

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