Just apologise for Lungu’s theft behaviour – Nalumango

We have seen a number of statements coming from the PF leadership, especially Sunday Chanda, trying to spin and offer different versions of what their boss Edgar Lungu said on the Copperbelt.

Edgar Lungu was not even misquoted when he encouraged those in government to go in high gear in looting public resources as per saying he used ‘Ubomba mwibala alya mwibala’.

We fully sympathise and understand the predicament the PF leadership have found themselves over the reckless statement issued by Edgar Lungu encouraging PF officials at all levels to loot public resources.

The truth is there is no other meaning other than meaning the people know which is that of encouraging stealing in government.

In fact, the PF are basically trying to insult the intelligence of the Zambian people by trying to spin and offer twisted meanings when Lungu said it as it is. As a matter of fact the man even had the audacity to say “We shall leave Government Bankrupt….”. Who is we in that statement that was the precursor to the call on looting.

The best Edgar Lungu should do if he really means well is to offer a retraction and an unconditional apology to the nation over the reckless statement.

We know that many people such as Edgar Lungu tend to say what is really deep down their hearts. As the bible says ‘From the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks’.

He may not have intended to say it but he surely meant what he said that people can steal from their employers.

As things stand, Lungu went to officially launch corruption in the country on the Copperbelt.

*Mutale Nalumango*
*UPND National Chairperson*


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    kidon 1 week

    If the President did not blunder in Kitwe,why is the entire PF people trying to explain the well known bemba idiom ?
    Sunday chanda,antiono,lusambo all trying their best at damage control.
    We now that its ubomba mwi bala now.
    This is very frustrating for the tax payers.

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    kufahakurambwe 1 week

    I now understand why it is a requisite in the USA for one to be financially sound in order to run for presidency #KosweMupoto

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      Dominic 1 week

      The Bembas must then be the most thieving persons in this land if their culture encourages this through the saying that Ubomba mwibala alya mwibala’.Is this interpretation really true or the mischievous politicians have deliberately high jacked and twisted a very noble metaphor.Is there any authoritative Bemba out there who can tell us in what circumstances this saying is applicable.Can Miles Sampa and other level headed Bembas please clarify for the benefit of those of us who have nil Bemba vocabulary please.

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        kidon 1 week

        Miles is far from being level headed.the man is just another PF praise team cadre now. If you ask him to interpret that idiom ,he will end misinterpreting further.

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        Changa 1 week

        Iwe Dominic Lungu grows up with the Bemba language he knew what he was talking about why asking these Chitalu to explain what the big carder said it in Copperbelt.The big thief has now blown the trumpet its ubomba mwibala now nothing else.

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    Musonda 1 week

    Nikudyela pamene usebenzela boss…kikikiki…Very sad situation

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    samlindo 1 week

    I was watching National Geographic and during a power struggle over the remote with my son who is in grade four and who wanted to change the channel to Henry Danger we ended up by mistake switching on to ZNBC which we all avoid like poison, then there was Antonio Mwanza trying to change the meaning of a well known saying with an almost straight face, and it was a Bemba saying while he himself is from Chipata, mybe he was doing chimbuya.
    My son who is leaning Bemba as a Zambian Language just laughed and said “Daddy change the channel this man is a liar”, my son went on to ask weather that man on TV was PF to which I agreed, then he went “NO WONDER”. Imagine even children know that PF are Liars, I think teachers are doing a great Job at imparting the truth to our children, Keep it up.

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    Njangwamuloty 1 week

    This is most unfortunate, how could a low life form like Lungu become president of any country? Anyway, one understands how African presidents usually end uo being shot dead.