Just Ban all hunting

Dear Editor,

Please allow me some space on your platform. I would like to shed some light on how corrupt safari hunters conduct their safari operations.

For sure there is some abuse of Resident hunting Licenses, but do not put a blanket blame on all Zambians of Asian origin.  If there are abuses, it is easy to monitor and control.

By the way, the Resident hunting ban is designed by Safari hunting operators, mostly whites, and this ban is for all Zambian hunters, whether Black, Asian or White. These safari hunting companies, by ZAWA Regulations have to present yearly audited accounts to ZAWA. Very few of them have done so in the last so many years. They have not shown any reasonable income to ZRA for taxation purposes. If they are not making monies, why are they vying and fighting for the concessions.

The Safari concessions are up for grabs for the next 10 years. The ZAWA board was to choose the winning bids for these safari concessions on merit, previous records, earnings etc.  Then the new Minister of Tourism, Sylvia Masebo, within a few weeks of taking office dissolved the ZAWA board and took the office of ZAWA to her office.  The process is now open to manipulation and corruption.  The people behind this doings are Keith Asherwood, Guy Robinson and other whites with personal interests in hunting concessions, working via the Vice President office.  The winners of concessions though officially not announced, are already known amongst the safari hunting operators.  The safari hunting companies are mostly owned by Foreigners with Zambians as fronts, so don’t be fooled when they say the companies are owned by indigenous Zambians.

WHY should Zambians NOT hunt and only foreigner’s hunt.  What makes safari operators any better than other Zambians. Stories are rife on how they make their extra monies. Firstly they are paid abroad into foreign accounts and not locally in Zambian Kwacha. When they shoot small trophy, they discard it, and shoot another for an extra fee. Hunters are charged concession fee, which depending on the type of hunt amounts to between $6,000 – $12,000, this being paid directly to ZAWA.  Unfortunately, if a hunter brings a ‘visitor’ along, he will shoot on the registered hunter’s name.

Safari hunters shoot 3 Lions per concession and total of 40 Lions in the Country, 3 or more Leopards per concession and a total of over 90 in the whole country. Most of the Lions are baited for, next to national park boundaries, and in the Luangwa Valley on the river front thus all big mane Lions are shot.  The Lions are “inbreeding for this reason – ask “Lion Research” in Luangwa.  Lion hunting is no more sustainable and same with Elephants.  No more big tuskers are left in the country.  This year 2012, 35 Elephants were allocated for hunting.  Go to Mfuwe and you will see only tiny elephants.  Surely how do you allow elephant hunting?


Go to the websites under “hunting in Zambia” and see for yourself what safari hunters exorbitant fees and charges are. How then do they make losses? A 7 day buffalo and plains game hunt costs up to $12,000, plus the individual amounts for the species chosen. Buffalo, which is being bought for $1,600 from ZAWA, is being sold for $4,000 etc. The 14 day hunt costs $35,000 plus the animal fees, and the 21 days classical safari costs $60,000, plus animal fees, – totalling up to $80,000. Elephant hunting plus 21 days classical hunt costs $120,000. With this kind of income, how much revenue has ZRA realised from safari operators? These safari operators are exploiting our resources, exterminating the rare exotic species and blaming others to forward their agendas. This was the reason the late President Chiluba banned safari hunting for 3 years.

Ask Robert Mugabe how whites form cartels and control whatsoever they desire.

BAN ALL HUNTING. Kenya banned all hunting some years ago, and their economy and earnings from photographic safari have grown leaps and bounds – today Kenya’s topmost forex earner. Botswana has also banned all hunting from next year.

ZAWA earnings from photographic safari operators have been more than hunting safari operators every year for the last so many years. Give all G.M.A’s for photographic safaris.

The author of Sunday Post article – “conservationist”, Mr Rolf Shenton writes to praise Minister of Tourism, because he will shortly be announced as new Director General of ZAWA.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND – on pretext of abuse of hunting by Asians, all Zambians of whatever colour are banned. Don’t be fooled, understand the motives.



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