Just distribute the hearses, Mangani tells Teta

Hearses come in different models, above in the 1966 type

Hearses come in different models, above is the 1966 type

Lusaka Province Minister Lameck Mangani has urged the ministry of Local Government to distribute the hearses even when investigations in the cost of the vehicles were being instituted.

Mr. Mangani said since the hearses are already in the country, it was important to distribute them regardless of who ordered them.

Mr. Mangani said there has been controversy in the cost of hearses because the ministers at Local Government were not telling the public the actual cost of the vehicles.

He said the concept of using hearses to ferry the dead was an old one hence the need for Zambians to accept it because it will serve a great purpose to the people in the rural areas.

Mr. Mangani further said it was important for the investigative wings to find out the cost of the hearses and establish the truth surrounding these vehicles.

Mr. Mangani said this after checking the hearses in Lusaka today.

According to Mr. Mangani, the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) confirmed that the vehicles were declared to have been bought at US$9,300.

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