‘Just look at people Lungu has surrounded himself with’

By Nason Msoni
President Lungu’s downfall was predictable and obvious immediately he had announced his new cabinet upon being elected president earlier this year. Surely President Sata had on many occasions doubted the ability and capacity of those he had appointed into cabinet positions. Although President Sata had highlighted the problem of his colleagues in cabinet he did nothing about it till his untimely demise.

Arguably if President Sata had carried on with this same cluster of do-nothing leaders in cabinet he too would probably have lost the 2016 elections, this is assuming he had lived to serve his full term in office.
Surly president Lungu did not expect that his government constructed and comprising chiefly of political misfits and rejects would have done any better than this?or let alone add any value to government.
The seriousness of any leader is reflected by the kind of leaders he appoints into his government. What didn’t plainly work for the late (President Sata) surly could also not work for president Lungu’s government as well.
President Lungu has shot himself in the foot and can only blame himself for the current sad state of affairs.
Although his government has undoubtedly experienced these natural setbacks in the provision of social and economic deliveries but certainly the problems have been compounded much more by a serious deficit in leadership which can think beyond failure.
Coupled by his unguided outbursts these have only made matters worse for him. This bring into question just what kind of a politician is Mr.lungu?
who goes verbally abusing and attacking powerful power blocks like trade unions,teachers,church leaders,students civil servants and Chiefs? When in less than 7 months he will be fighting a serious national election with the potential to consign him into a humiliating defeat.
No shrewd and skilled political operative goes ballistic screaming like a banshee at everyone and accusing them of trying to remove him.
Political power is conditional and is not a permanent fixture that it cannot drift elsewhere to other willing merchants on the sidelines waiting for an opportunity to have it if it is improperly misused by the elected merchant. Power must be used for the benefit of people if it is to remain purposeful.

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