Just shut up Pixie Kasonde Yangailo

I was shocked to hear the statement attributed to learned senior counsel and chairperson of the Human Rights Commission on ZNBC news last night. My first thoughts where that as per usual custom in this corrupt society; ‘ZNBC cherry picked statements suitable to this government’s cause’. Alas a perusal of the news today morning was a statement on almost all online media websites with the very same full statement generally siding with oppressors of the majority in Zambia.

I would honestly have thought that as a seasoned lawyer madam Yangailo and her so called Human Rights Commission would have reasoned better and better advised the Commonwealth delegation as to the current situation in the country in respect of Human Rights abuses. Instead what we get as a country is rubbish like “We cannot over emphasise the desirability of having locally initiated solutions to our local challenges.” Sorry to put it bluntly, but what is senior counsel smoking these days??? Or is she also on the payroll like other so called members of the civil society??? Surely what local avenues can be effectively utilised in Zambia under this regime??? Our courts are heavily compromised and corrupt and are currently led by somebody who is equally compromised (case in point is the Masebo tribunal where complainants are now being asked to illegally adduce evidence for a tribunal to be set up) and cannot even be sworn in as Chief Justice for want of parliamentary ratification. Yet you smile and tell the nation and the commonwealth observers about the desirability of local avenues.
Further, and still on the point of local avenues, how many cases are before the High Court of Judicature for Zambia while members of the opposition continue to suffer under this regime day in and day out. Talk about our Association taking action against this government for abusing an unconstitutional Act in the Public Order Act; yet you the very Commission tasked to oversee that rights are not abused in Zambia have said absolutely nothing on the matter and have conveniently sprung up with a bogus half baked and lukewarm statement now that investigators are in Zambia, sorry but I for one refuse to be hoodwinked by Yangailo and the Commission. Our very court system is a sham where cases drag on forever while archaic Acts like the Public Order Act currently under legal challenge are being used to mutilate democracy in Zambia by and under the watchful eyes of President Sata, Edgar Lungu, Libongani, Solomon Jere, Katanga and many other cohorts and charlatans like Rosemary Wandi, Wynter Kabimba, Obvious Mwaliteta, Brian Hapunda, Sylvia Masebo all under instructions from the very man who under oath swore to uphold our constitution.   
In conclusion, its cardinal to note how unfortunate our institutions have collapsed or/and been compromised. We have a ‘nonexistent’ civil society whose only purpose is to parrot P.F ideology and propaganda when instructed to do so by bwinjimfumu road. In all honesty and as a true patriot of Zambia, I pray for a day when we have institutions of government and a civil society that will defend its people from tyranny, blackmail, propaganda, defamation, false imprisonment, corruption and all other vices we currently witness in day to day Zambia. As for the Human rights Commission, my hope and prayer is that it be dissolved or its current members resign as it has failed Zambians. Any call for dialogue by Yangailo and her friends at the Commission should be dismissed as fake because individuals especially in the political arena have been crying for the same and have been met with silence over the matter while they enjoy ‘five star’ hotel conditions in prison (case in point; Garry Nkombo, Hakainde Hichilema, Nevers Mumba). A further illustration of this failure is by the shielding of the atrocities that occured at Mukobeko Maximum Prison where Nine (9) convicts where murdered by prison warders owing to fellow inmate escaping. Eight of the bodies are currently at Kabwe General Hospital yet the Human Rights Commission sides with this regime by claiming no such act occurred as ‘confirmed’ by Guy Scott to Parliament.
My only comfort is that nothing lasts forever and one day all the above named individuals will render an account to WE THE PEOPLE…………………………….

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