Just stay in prison, judge tells Masumba

Just stay in prison, judge tells Masumba

A Lusaka High Court judge Chalwe Mchenga has denied incarcerated PF Mufumbwe Member of Parliament (MP) Steven Masumba bail.

Masumba wanted the High Court to free him from prison as he awaits appeal to the Supreme Court.

But Judge Mchenga refused to give Masumba bail on Tuesday because Masumba did not include grounds (reasons) of appeal in his application.

On Tuesday, Justice Mchenga upheld Masumba’s 12-month jail sentence imposed on him by the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court last year.

Masumba, who is former PF Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport, is charged with one count of obtaining pecuniary advantage by false pretenses contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

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