Justice Chibesakunda to remain acting Chief Justice indefinitely

President Michael Sata has now resolved to have the acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda, who is also a relation, remain in the the same acting capacity indefinitely.

The decisions follows the refusal by the parliamentary select committee to ratify her a few weeks ago.

Sources at State House and PF government said the president is determined to maintain Justice Chibesakunda as way of punishing the opposition, despite her not being qualified due to old age.

Chibesakunda is also favoured by the Fred Mmembe, and Mutembo Nchito cartel that has so far formed a parallel powerful cabinet outside the constitutionally recognised one within the PF administration.

Mr. Sata tried in vein to force the parliamentary committee ratify his relative and even threatened to dissolve parliament if they did not effect his directives.

But the select committee stood its ground and defended the constitution by refusing the appointment.


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