Justice minister Lubinda says he can’t use computers

Justice minister Lubinda says he can’t use computers

Justice minister Given Lubinda says technological advancements are overwhelming to people who were born before computers.

Lubinda complained that technology had posed a curse to him because of the ease of access to information by the general public.

He was speaking during the opening of the Digital Migration Forum at Mulungushi International Conference Center on Tuesday.“For those of us who were unfortunately born before computers, I want to say on behalf of all those born before computers, that we are very overwhelmed at the rate at which technology is running. And technology is both a blessing and a curse and it depends on how you position yourselves. As I stand technological advancement has proved to be a curse for me, a curse because the things I knew which I thought others did not know, when I stand to tell them, they simply google and tell me even more,” Lubinda said.“This has become a challenge for me, at a national level, technological advancements have created even bigger challenges. How do we safeguard society against those who are extremely enterprising and innovative such that they end up using technology more than they should especially in the conflict with the interest of others?”
He added that there was need to come up with regulations or the sector might become a curse to all users.

Can you imagine this chap is the minister of justice?


Now look at this;


Given Lubinda was born in 1963, unless he lied to at the NRC offices.



Steve Jobs, the founder of iPhone and other Apple products was born in 1955.


Lawrence Edward Page and Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin, the founders of Google were both born in 1973.



Jerry Chih-Yuan Yang, the founder of Yahoo was born in 1968.


President Donald Trump was born in 1946, but see how good he is at social media, especially Twitter.


Lubinda should not use his personal dullness as yardstick for people who can’t use computers.

It could be true that elderly people with limited formal education can have challenges using computers, but a youthful minister of Justice complaining that he can’t use computers is a national curse. How long has Lubinda been exposed to computers and smart phones that he still can’t use them up to now?  This level of dullness is shocking.

Computers and social media are not going anywhere so people must just learn how to use them.

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