Justice Minister Lubinda still lamenting over failed Bill 10


Justice Minister Given Lubinda today held a media briefing to continue lamenting over the failed Bill 10.
In his lamentations, Lubinda said the Opposition should tell the nation what they gained by facilitating for the fall of constitutional amendment Bill 10.
He said the opposition should have participated in the Bill 10 debate adding that there was nothing to celebrate about.
According to Lubinda, Members of Parliament who refused to vote for Bill 10 should not lobby for development from government.
‘It is shameful that while the opposition refused to participate in the Constitutional making process, the same people have been asking government on developmental projects such as construction of bridges in their constituencies,’ Lubinda hallucinated..
Lubinda further echoed the PF song of government going to use the fall of Bill 10 to de-campaign the Opposition in the 2021 general elections.
And frustrated Andrew Ntewewe from Young African Leaders Initiative has proposed that any amendments to the republican constitution must be put aside for two to three decades. He was one of the PF sponsored elements that went round the country erecting bill boards carrying Bill 10 campaign messages.

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