Justice will triumph over error – GBM


The day of reckoning for the Patriotic Front is here again.

As sons and daughters of political emancipation let us remain united and prayerful as the matter that lies ahead of us cannot be approached physically but spiritually too.

Remember it is not by mighty or strength but by the Holy Spirit.

Time has come for justice to triumph over error.

Let us remember to pray for the judges for a democratic dispensation to be accorded.

Meaning and progress is a well known fact that the PF threatens to distabilise, while threats on court proceedings today arises from fears known to themselves, Surely there should be no panic and disturbance of the hearing of the main petition.

As UPND we are set and pray to God to instill fair hearing for JUSTICE to prevail.

As your leaders we are set to defend what truly belongs to us.

We remind you that justice can only prevail with prayer.

Include all of us, the petitioners, respondents, witnesses, judges, court officials and our security men in your prayers.

In God we trust

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba
UPND Vice President for Administration

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