‘K 13 billion given to ZAWA is nothing’

Dear Editor,

I am a Zambia Wildlife Authority employee who was disgusted by Tourism and Arts minister Silvia Masebo’s disclosure that the government has released K 13 billion to our organisation . To me that K 13 billion is a drop in the ocean and Masebo should not even boast that it will help ZAWA. K 13 billion is nothing and I mean nothing and it is not going to solve anything at ZAWA.

As ZAWA workers, we know that Masebo went to Finance minister Alexander Chikwanda to plead for the money because she has realised that decision to ban hunting has crippled the operations of ZAWA.  She banned  hunting without consulting President Sata and the entire cabinet and now we are seeing a situation where we are going without salaries.

The effects of banning hunting are now being felt as we do not have salaries, poaching is on the rise and recently, communities, chiefs like Nsefu in Eastern province and some areas where there are hunting blocks have been complaining.

As a result there are no jobs in most hunting areas thereby dwindling the popularity of the PF.

The popularity of the PF has really been affected in the areas where hunting blocks are found and worse still, in Eastern province, the PF is no longer popular after the lifting of former President Rupiah Banda’s presidential immunity.

Concerned ZAWA employee


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