Sata speaks on K1.2b and his other children

Patriotic Front president Michael Sata says the K1.2 billion he is alleged to have diverted into his personal account for 45 days was actually in the council account.

And Sata says he has never denied his children with a bank of Zambia employee but that even his ‘known’ wife knows about the children.

Sata told the Post that “On this nonsense they are trying to peddle about corruption in the Times of Zambia, what happened was that in 1992 I accompanied Chiluba when he was visiting Central Province.

And among other issues on his programme was to meet the business community and he met them at Hindu Hall in Kabwe,” Sata said.

“During that meeting, one of the businessmen asked him about corruption in his government and he replied that he doesn’t like corruption that’s why he had instructed the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to investigate one minister, Mr Sata. I was seated next to him when he made those remarks.

“It was him who instructed the ACC because he wanted to pin me down. And Chiluba was disappointed with the ACC because they didn’t manage to get the results he wanted.

Whatever they are trying to do, there is nothing. No wonder ACC failed to proceed with that matter.

ACC wanted permission from the DPP to prosecute and they were told that ‘what are you going to prosecute?’ You just tell them that they can’t pin somebody on a mere investigation.

That money they are talking about was not in my account, it was in the council’s account.

“They wanted to use the excuse that because I was a shareholder in Standard Chartered Bank but what they didn’t know is that there was no direct benefit to all shareholders including myself. I sympathise with Chiluba and Edward Mumbi because they have never had money.

I came with money into MMD and Chiluba came poor, so I know financial matters and transactions more than him. If Chiluba believed in what he gave Mumbi that I stole, why didn’t he dismiss me?

Why did he keep me for 10 years if I had stolen? Does that make sense to you? It’s desperation! Chiluba’s so-called dossier will just show how petty and shallow he is. He will be embarrassed at the end and not me.”

Sata said his hands were very clean.
“When I left UNIP to join MMD, I knew that I was dealing with mercenaries so I was very very careful in whatever I did. More careful than those who came with a pair of shoes and left with 3,000 pairs,” Sata said. “Do you think Mwanawasa would have spared me if I had scandals to my file during the period I served as minister under Chiluba?

They are just desperate but that will not help them. Actually, I even want to thank the ACC director general because he has said the truth about that case. ACC failed to take the matter anywhere because there was nothing.”

On having two children with another woman, Sata said:

“In any case, they have been jumping that they have a dossier against me but there is nothing new in that dossier because this is something I have had to live with every day and my wife knows about those children,” Sata said.

“So there is nothing they are exposing and the fact of the matter is that I cannot deny my children. Have I ever denied them? If they are in a habit of denying children, that’s them, but not Mr Sata.

Source: Post Newspaper

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