K130 per bag of millie meal in Mufulira

Dear Editor!
Kindly tell Given Lubinda, Agric & Livestock Minister that here in Mufulira a 25KG of Breakfast Mealie meal is going at K130 plus.Give him my line 0968921334, let him contact me i will definetly take him with me, let him come and see for himself just incase he is doubting, There’s no fuel too.
Lastly, on behalf of all the Cadres who went to watch a Football Match at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium, i just wanna say thank you to a named new Billionaire pa Zed the one who bought Football Match Ticket [Zambia Vs Congo Game] for his Cadres.Instead of buying food for Mother Zambia, he bought Football Match Tickets instead thank you Mr chapona!
Jacob Jaesn Mwale PhD!

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