‘K2 billion govt claims found to be fake’

Zambia Soldiers on parade, but at HQ there is financial problem

Over K2 billion worth of claims for supply of goods and services to government departments has been discovered to be fake.

This was discovered during the on-going verification exercise of outstanding bills for the Ministry of Defence and Home Affairs by the Anti-Money Laundering Investigations Unit (AMLIU) of the Drug Enforcement Commission.

DEC spokesperson John Nyawali has explained that the verification was prompted by huge bills of claims of supply of goods and services to government.

Nyawali said 381 claims out of 681 which were scrutinized for the period covering first half of this year were discovered to be fake.

He said the Prisons Service in Southern Province  accounted for about K1 billion while Zambia Army in Lusaka had over K800 million worth of fake claims.

He said other other departments which had claims of supply of goods and services scrutinized include Provincial Administrations, Immigration, Zambia Air Force and Pass Ports Office.

The Commission has since recommended to the Ministry of Finance and National Planning to block payments for the fake claims and other claims which were not supported by necessary documents.

Nyawali warned that  unscrupulous suppliers and government workers who are dubiously obtaining money from government will be brought to justice soon.

He said the verification exercise will be extended to Ministry of Education and Health to ensure that government does not continue losing money through fake claims.

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