K6 billion released for more than 70 ministers to go and explain subsidies

The PF government will in the next two weeks spend over K6 billion on the more than 70 ministers and their deputies who are being dispatched across the country to explain the rejected move to remove fuel, maize, and fertiliser subsidies.

Sources at the Ministry of Finance and Bank of Zambia have revealed that there is a huge excitement among the ministers to go round the country for making allowances trying to explain the subsidies which they don’t even understand themselves.

President Michael Sata’s government blow-off all the money in the treasury on useless projects such as by-elections, buying MPs, creating districts, and recently decided to removed the subsidies on fuel and maize claiming they were not beneficial to the majority of the Zambians.

The move has brought about an immediate increase on the cost of mealie meal, and fuel resulting in protests by some sections of society, especially that the measure does not affect the ministers and the president himself.

But now in what was supposed to be a cost serving measure, government has released the K6 billion for travel allowances for the ministerial entourages going round the country explaining the measure.

But at the same time, the same dictatorial government is denying civil society organisation and opposition parties to hold rallies across the country to explain the negative effect of the removal of the subsidies to the masses.

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