K65 per 25kg bag of meallie meal too high for most Zambians – Chanda

Open Society Foundation, Executive Director Sunday Chanda says the increase in prices of mealie meal has negatively impacted on poor households in the country.

Mr. Chanda said government should focus on finding lasting solutions to the problem saying despite the announcement by government that a 25Kg bag of breakfast should not cost more than K65 and K45 for a roller meal was still too expensive to be afforded by many poor families.

He said in a press statement that government through the Ministry of Agriculture should put in place long term strategies to the problem by reforming its agriculture policies of focussing more on small and medium agriculture producers.

Mr. Chanda further said government needs to practise the expansion of agriculture production through agriculture mechanisation which is the application of mechanical technology to enhance the productivity of human labour such as acquisition and use of tractors by arable farmers.

He said this intervention can help the country attain food security hence helping in cushioning on the increase on mealie-meal prices in the country.

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