Kabimba abandons campaigns in Solwezi on learning of dismissal

Kabimba abandons campaigns in Solwezi on learning of dismissal

Kabimba before he exited Northwestern province

Kabimba before he exited Northwestern province

Former PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba and his team of thugs abandoned campaign meetings in North-Western province soon after learning of his dismissal.

Kabimba who went to North-Western province using government airplane as a ‘supper king’ learnt of his dismissal while addressing a campaign rally in Solwezi central by-election campaign.

Sources at the rally said while Kabimba was addressing a campaign meeting where he was busy insulting and denouncing UPND president Hakainde Hichilema, one of his security men went to the podium and told him “boss you have been fired”.

And sources say there is total panic, anger and confusion in the Kabimba cartel that includes Post newspaper editor Fred Mmembe, Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito, Ministers such as Obvious Mwaliteta, Emmanuel Chenda, and a number of District Commissioners in the country who were also part of the Kabimba presidency campaign machinery.

Kabimba immediately stopped addressing the meeting and went to the government vehicle which he found had already been stripped of the instruments of power.

He then went to the Lodge where he held a meeting with some of his officials and thugs and resolved to withdraw his entire campaign machinery from the province.

He called even those that he left in Zambezi west, such as serving and former District Commissioners he airlifted from various parts of the country, especially Western province, to immediately start off for their destinations.

Kabimba later started off for Lusaka as a ‘commoner’ at night by road as he could not use any of the government aircrafts he went with.

While Kabimba was not entitled to use government helicopters and planes for campaigns as he was not entitled because these are the preserve of the president and vice-president, him was so powerful that he was able to command government machinery to give him these facilities at government cost.

Kabimba was so close to Sata that he has many times described him as someone who knew him more than his father, an expression that has been annoying his family members.

Kabimba’s close deals with Sata date back to their corrupt days while he was Lusaka Town Clerk and Sata was Local Government and Housing minister.

Sata and Kabimba were part of the Mezarf flats corrupt dealings in Lusaka and several other evil schemes.

As PF Secretary General and later Justice minister, Kabimba knows too well all the illegal financial transactions and money laundering activities of the PF as an opposition and party in government.

And reports indicate that Fred Mmembe and his cartel such as DPP Nchito were so angry with the dismissal of Kabimba as they were sure he would be the next president of Zambia.

Sources say Mmembe could not believethat  the Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda camp was so powerful that they could bring down his empire.

And sources further say that Kabimba’s dismissal is just the beginning of President Michael Sata’s government hand-over of power as revealed by the Zambian Watchdog early this week.

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