(Updated with board composition) Kabimba accuses ERB officials of revealing the illegality

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba has threatened launch crack-down and punish officials at Energy Regulation Board (ERB) who are leaking information to the opposition parties.

Mr. kabimba’s threats follows revelations that Energy Minister Mr. Yamfwa Mukanga acted illegally when he appointed 11 relatives and PF cadres on the ERB board instead of the nine as provided by the ERB Act.

Giving a ministerial statement in parliament yesterday, Mr. Kabimba, who sounded like he wanted to conceal the wrong doing, agreed that his fellow minister broke the law, accused officials at ERB of having leaking the names of the board members to opposition parties.

His response followed a point of order from Monze Central UPND member of parliament who wanted to know whether the PF government was in order to continuously break the Zambian laws with impunity this time by appointing more people to sit on ERB board instead of the number provided in the ERB Act .

The ERB No.16 of 1995 prescribes the total number of board members as seven and that no member of the board should be drawn from any political party.

When dissolving the MMD appointed boards, President Micheal Sata had accused his predecessor of having appointed MMD cadres which he was wrong as professionals from various fields were needed.

But the newly appointed PF board included members from the serving PF provincial chairmen and district officials plus other known relatives and cadres.

He said there are people at ERB who are bent on embarrassing the government by leaking information to the opposition as the issue would have been resolved administratively instead of involving parliament.

Mr Kabimba said it is clear that the source of Mr Mwiimbu’s information on the breach was leaked to him by someone at the ERB.

Mr Kabimba warned public officers in the habit of leaking information instead of advising Ministers whenever they notice wrongs that government will not tolerate betrayal.

He stated that those that have chosen to work with the PF government will not be allowed to engage in acts of betrayal.

Mr. Kabimba promised to rectify the issue but could not indicate whether those who were wrongly appointed and drew allowances will refund them.

The appointment of the ERB board was widely covered by various media houses during a press briefing and Monze MP is a prominent lawyer who may not need any leakage to notice such a straight-forward matter.

The following is the list of the illegal ERB Board

Dr. George Chabwera- Chairman

Mr. Robinson Mwansa -Vice Chairperson

Board Members
Ms. Everlyn Kangwa

Ms. Mubanga Musakanya

Mrs. Judith Tembo

Mr. Johnstone Chikwanda

Mr. Mike Kabwe

Pastor. Geoff Mwape

Mr. Ellyson W. Mulenga

Chief Kamponge Chewe

Mr. Kenneth Namutulo

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