Kabimba admits writing letter to chief justice but…

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba this morning admitted to all charges leveled against him by petitioners in the Evans Hamaundu led tribunal.
In examination in chief led by former Attorney General Bonaventure Mutale, Mr. Kabimba said he solicited for a legal opinion from Solicitor General Musa Mwenye because both the Solicitor General and Attorney General can offer advise to any person who sought for it.
Mr. Kabimba admitted that he sought legal opinion from the Solicitor General on behalf of the Patriotic Front. Further the Justice Minister said he copied the letter to Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda and President Michael Sata for administrative purposes.

Kabimba 56, of house number 337, independence Avenue, Lusaka, however  explained  that his letter dated 1st August, 2013 to which he attached a government legal opinion he got from the Solicitor General in his capacity as Justice Minister, was merely an expression of concern over the debate that had emerged on the nullification of parliamentary seats.

Kabimba has told the tribunal that neither him nor the PF had obtained pecuniary advantage when he obtained and disclosed a government legal opinion to his party’s lawyers as there were no charges attached to the provision of such an opinion and that the legal opinion was not classified as earlier alleged by the complainant.

He said members of the public including political parties in the country are free to get legal opinion at no cost from either the Attorney General or the Solicitor General.

Kabimba who is also PF Secretary General said that copying the letter he wrote to PF lawyers to the Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda does not amount to interfering in the independence of the Judiciary.

He said this is because the letter he copied to the Acting Chief Justice did not have any directives that the Judiciary was supposed to follow.

Kabimba added that by copying the letter to the Acting Chief Justice his party was merely informing the Judiciary of what it was planning to do in view of the opposition political parties’ continued trend of fielding candidates whose parliamentary seats had been nullified on grounds of corruption to contest in by-elections of the same parliamentary seats.

Meanwhile, the tribunal led by Kabimba’s former classmate Judge Evans Hamaundu has continued showing signs of biasness towards Wynter Kabimba by giving him time to be coached by his lawyers before being cross examined. Instead of going straight into cross examination, the tribunal adjourned the matter to 14:30 to give time for Kabimba and his lawyers to rehearse. Yesterday former Solwezi Central Member of Parliament Lucky Mulusa was not given any chance and stood on stand for close to three hours. The first sign of bias was when the tribunal reserved the right to call petitioners witnesses.

Earlier Daily Nation Newspaper Reporter Wallen Simwaka also testified that the judiciary had issued a statement based on Wynter Kabimba’s letter.


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