Kabimba and cartel hire witchdoctor, sends Sata a snake in his office

Kabimba and cartel hire witchdoctor, sends Sata a snake in his office

The cartel holding president Michael Sata hostage has been behind the schemes to urgently replace him and have since resorted to using witchcraft against him.

Sources within the PF said a few months ago PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba with the help from Fred Mmembe hired a witchdoctor from Kalabo in Western province.

Impeccable sources within the PF said a week before president Sata left for China, a mysterious but poisonous snake was found and killed from the president’s office.

On investigations, deputy PF secretary general Bridget Attanga, wife to Muyenga Attanga (PS Communications and Transport) and other senior PF members told the president that Mr. Kabimba and his friends have hired a witchdoctor from Kalabo who has since been staying at Mr. Kabimba’s house.

“We challenge anyone if there was no snake linked to Mr. Kabimba and Mmembe’s witchdoctor that was meant to strike the president in his office. The president has since been told about the presence of the witchdoctor at Kabimba’s house who is alleged to have sent the mysterious poisonous snake to him,” PF insiders said.

Sources said as a result, Mr. Mmembe these days never spends more than two weeks in Lusaka but is ever in Western province and controls the paper remotely.

“That’s why when leaving for China, president Sata never left Kabimba to act. In fact, Mr. Sata even ordered acting president Edgar Lungu to discipline Kabimba, though the Post newspaper took it as a joke,” sources said.

The cartel comprising Kabimba, Mmembe, Mutembo Nchito, and Sylvia Masebo are the ones that are pushing for regime change in PF and are now attempting to use black magic by bewitching the president.

“It is like the cartel is slowly realising that the president is slowly waking up from his slumber and he no longer trusts them, and now they want to replace him before he becomes lethal on them,” sources said.

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