Kabimba and Mwaliteta order police to arrest Shakafuswa

PF campaign manager for Mangango by-elections Obvious Mwaliteta and Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba this morning ordered for the arrest of their compatriot Katuba UPND MP Jonas Shakafuswa, barely hours after he visited the PF camp for reconciliation.

Meanwhile, more PF thugs were this morning picked in two bus-loads from Lusaka’s Intercity bus terminus to cause more violence in Mangango and have the elections cancelled.

And Kabimba wants to use Mangango by-election opportunity to finally have UPND president Hakainde Hichilema arrested, who he believes is his main threat for the Zambian republican presidency, having silenced everyone in PF.

Kabimba and Mwaliteta accused Shakafuswa of having caused violence in Namafulo Ward, Mwambuyu polling station, when he stopped UPND supporters from damaging the District Commission’s vehicle.

The DC for Limulunga, a Mr. Ndombo, driving a government vehicle, a Ford Ranger personally assaulted Shakafuswa.

But Kabimba and Mwaliteta, who are currently in Kaoma instead ordered police commissioners a Mr. Sakala and president Michael Sata’s niece Commissioner Lombe Kamukoshi, to arrest Shakafuswa and deny him bail.

The violence happened last night, but Shakafuswa was given the police call-out at the UPND camp this morning using the DCs vehicle and immediately denied bell and currently being held at Kaoma police post.

And heavily armed PF thugs were this morning picked from Lusaka’s Intercity Bus terminus heading to Mangango.

Mangango by-election is a must win for the Kabimba cartel which wants to cement their strength towards getting the PF presidency, having successfully silenced other competitors such as former defense Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

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