Kabimba and OP director want HH harmed in police cells as Chikwanda hits back at Kabimba

Kabimba and OP director want HH harmed in police cells as Chikwanda hits back at Kabimba

 Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba Wednesday afternoon held another meeting with the Zambian Security Services Director General Martin Mwanambale to have the vocal opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema arrested and detained at the notorious Kitwe’s Kanfinsa prison.

And Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda yesterday, Wednesday, continued hitting back at the Kabimba camp by wondering why they were fighting for the presidency when there was no vacancy in the presidency.

The scheme is such that Hichilema must be arrested on Friday and be taken to Kitwe and spend the whole weekend with Office of the President (OP) operatives who have been instructed to probably inject him with poison while in Kamfinsa prisoners.

Kabimba and OP Director Mwanambale again called and pressured Kitwe’s High Court Judge Catherine Makungu not to dismiss her arrest warrant against the UPND leader Hichilema over the matter involving his alleged comments against Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda.

Highly placed Intelligence sources say, Kabimba, together with his PF team A camp of Post Newspaper owner Fred Mmembe, Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito, are now ready to fight anyone who stands their way for the republican presidency using the newspaper and state institutions.

They have so far taken on and almost managing to silence PF key players such as Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda and Former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

Yesterday, Wednesday, Chikwanda tried to hit back and told the media that he was shocked that some leaders within PF are positioning themselves for the presidency when the position is not vacant.

“The same individual attacking me is infact positioning himself for the presidency and my advice is that people should not position themselves for public positions where there are no vacancies. We should not be working on presumptions on the Lord, he holds the exclusive right to recall anyone of us,” Chikwanda said in an apparent reference to Kabimba backed by his friends at the Post newspaper who are playing for the quick demise of ailing president Michael Sata.

He wondered why some senior leaders within the PF were slandering him through a sustained media campaign as if the republican presidency will soon be vacant.

In an apparent reference to Kabimba, Chikwanda wondered why the individual was vying for the top position when he has failed to blend with the grass root in the PF.

The Finance Minister has stressed that people should not vie for the Presidency through conspiracies as only God can ordain one to the position.

In backing out of the internal PF fights, Chikwanda said he should not be considered as a political threat because he is too old to vie for the presidency.

Chikwanda was speaking to journalists in Lusaka before kicking off a tour of selected Lusaka roads under the L 400 road project.

Internal sources say Kabimba and vice-president Guy Scott have started receiving daily intelligence briefings from OP director Mwanambale because president Michael Sata no longer has any use for them and may step down soon.

“But what is unsettling to the Kabimba A team camp is that, while they seem to be managing to silence everyone in the PF, they still have one key competitor outside in the name of UPND president Hakainde Hichilema who should also be dealt with,” sources said.

Sources say Kabimba and Mmembe are now beaming with confidence after rigging the just ended Mangango by-election in Western province as proof of their support base.

“As a way of trying to win the key Northern support base, they have successfully recruited Commerce Minister Miles Sampa who is also the Matero parliamentarian and promised him the position of vice-president. Sampa was carefully chosen because of his apparent differences with Chikwanda while he was Finance Deputy Minister. Sampa believes Chikwanda engineered his removal from the lucrative ministry to the ministry of Commerce. He is actually the one giving the Post newspaper some of the information about Chikwanda’s alleged corrupt dealings with the mining firms,” PF sources said.

Sata is nearing close to his ’90 days promise’ now, without being seen in public and has left his Facebook page to run the country.

He will however have no choice but appear for the ceremonial opening of the next session of parliament in September as it is a  presidential duty that cannot be delegated.

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