Kabimba bemoans PF’s departure from founders’ vision

Rainbow Party President Wynter Kabimba says the failure by the current PF administration to stick to the pro-poor policies has landed the country in total misery.

Mr. Kabimba has explained that the PF was formed to uplift the living standards of the people by formulating policies that will see the proper transformation of the nation.

He says it is unfortunate that the current crop of the PF leadership decided to part ways with that manifesto and went their own way resulting in economical adversity.

He says the current crop of leaders in the PF administration is to blame for all these challenges in Zambia due to their poor policies.

Mr. Kabimba says the PF formulated pro-poor policies which have been abandoned by President Lungu and his ministers resulting in total suffering for the people.

He adds that it is also wrong to blame him for the country’s challenges saying he left when things in the country were good both socially and economically.

Mr. Kabimba says President Lungu is a wrong person to be in office saying he should be shown the exit door come next year.

The Rainbow Party Leader states that it is now clear that the ruling party has disappointed a lot of Zambians.

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