Kabimba blamed for Mulungushi university inferno

Property worth over Kr100,000 has been gutted at the Mulungushi university students centre and students and some members of staff at the ‘on fire’ university have blamed the  fire on the Justice minister’s arrogance.

Yesterday ailing dictator Michael Sata ordered his ministers to go out and preach the party programmes after repeated rejection by people but today Kabimba feared to go and address the students in Kabwe.

The students have since vowed to continue with their boycott and management has expressed fear that the university calendar will have to be disturbed. Riot police have been deployed at the university entrance to prevent students from blocking the Great North road while a number of plain clothed officers and intelligence personnel are patrolling the campus premises.

They have petitioned Kabimba to come and tell them why they have not been included on loans scheme which he has been advertising to other universities and also why the PF government has abndoned the infrastructure construction at the institution but has gone ahead to build other universities in different parts of the country especially in Sata’s home region, Muchinga province where two universities are being built at accelerated rate.

The cause of the fire has not been established but reliable sources say it was causd by some members of staff taking advantage of the students’ protest.

And a check by the Watchdog found a number of structures including lecture theatres, dining hall, library and students’ hostels which were initiated by the MMD regime completely abandoned. Sources told the watchdog that money for the structures has been allocated to another university and the students have this researched information which they want to present to Kabimba.

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