Kabimba cartel wants Kaizer Zulu out of State House

Kabimba cartel wants Kaizer Zulu out of State House

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I have been with PF since inception and I have no plan of leaving. What is very sad is that Mmembe wants to control President Sata like a robot. All problems in PF point to Mmembe and President Sata’s failure to stand up to him. PF has been hijacked by jackals and hyenas like Mmembe. Infact their biggest fear is that without the Sata Presidency, they are nothing and will be in serious trouble. Even that boy at State House George Chella, he will be the most hated former press aide because he has created a lot of enemies within and outside PF. Most cabinet ministers and party officials don’t’ like him.

PF insiders know that even the story that appeared in the Post Newspaper was written by George Chella and given to the Post Newspaper. Chella was heard boasting that he is going to fix Zulu soon. The plan is that Fred Mmembe and George Chella want Zulu removed as PS State House. The plan is to remove Zulu who has been blocking Chella from accessing certain information about President Michael Sata for use by his master, Mmembe, has the blessings of Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba, who also hates Zulu with a passion. You may have observed that of late, the Post Newspaper has run out of stories to write about. In the past, they would even reveal what happened in a cabinet meeting and a lot of information about Sata. It is sad that some of us can write this about a man we risked our lives for, Sata.

Mmembe and Chella know that if Zulu continues at State House, they will not have access to information as they did. Mmembe, through Chella, wants to continue running State House and the stumbling block they have is Zulu. So they want him to go like Emmanuel Mwamba. Chella is a stooge of the cartel and Sata has thinks the boy is innocent. Umwana wansoka, ninsoka!

Remember that when Sata just won elections in 2011, Zulu was one of the special assistants at State House. Zulu, one of Sata’s confidants and trusted boy, was fought by Chella, Mmembe and Wynter. They arranged, without Sata’s knowledge, that Zulu is transferred to Solwezi. Upon realizing these evil schemes, Sata gave it to moving Zulu out of State House to Lusaka Province as Deputy PS and Home Affairs as Deputy PS. What annoyed the cartel is that Sata brought back Zulu, not as a special assistant but as PS for State House, making all his enemies, his juniors. This has not only displeased Chella, it has also minimized his access to certain information he has been leaking from State House, including on President Sata’s health.

What is sad is that Sata is nolonger the cunning cobra he used to be. Some of us who campaigned with him under PF for 10 years know that the current cobra is a shell of the previous cobra. He has no poison anymore and yes, he is a hostage President. He is under remote control. Zulu is a boy we have been with through thick and thin in PF, including when Sata was being tear-gassed under MMD, it was boys like Zulu who were there for the old man. Chella was nowhere during the struggle except writing stories which he was being paid for by Mmembe. No one was paying us, including Zulu when we spent nights in rural areas with Sata.

Zambians must rise and fight this cartel. Even the violence is the work of Wynter Kabimba and Fred Mmembe. Our youths who have been demonstrating against Wynter have done so without any machetes but with placards. Kabimba’s militia is the one with Pangas. Have you seen how the Post Newspaper is panicking over those arrested from Wynter’s camp.

Former Central Committee Member-PF
(Name with-held)

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