Team Kabimba celebrates Mangango with double victory

Team Kabimba celebrates Mangango with double victory

10599388_797371773646908_8604943485790059271_nThere were massive celebrations by the PF’s Team A Wynter Kabimba camp after unofficial election results indicated that they had won the heavily contested Mangango by-election in Western province.

And what more, it was double celebrations for the Kabimba camp that wants the PF presidency after news filtered through that ailing president Michael Sata could either have been evacuated or was about to be evacuated to South Africa for some formality medical treatment and possibly certify his inability to rule.

And in the midst of celebrations, the Kabimba camp has also put more pressure on the Kitwe High Court Judge Catherine Makungu and Copperbelt province police Commissioner Joyce Kasosa to effect the bench warranty against UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and have him arrested.

PF cadres from Lusaka, led by some senior PF Kabimba team A officials such as Silvia Masebo, Emmanuel Chenda, Obvious Mwaliteta, and Stephen Musamba were all heard shouting ‘Kabimba for presidency, HH nalala’.

Unofficial results from Parallel Voter Tabulations indicate that PF may have won the Mangango constituency by-elections after massive voter buying and intimidation, but the official Electoral Commission of Zambia results may not be ready yet.

Earlier in the day during voting, convicted former Sports minister Stephen Masumba together with another former convict Judge Ngoma fired live bullets at Mangango Basic polling station to scare away would be voters.

The UPND candidate Goodwin Putu enjoyed massive support from that area as he is councillor for Mangango ward, which is the most heavily populated.

Masebo, Taudi Chiseke whose seat was nullified and Masumba were also seen dishing out lots of money towards polling stations.

The were also seen ferrying women who were recently recruited and given money for women’s clubs under a government project in the area, to voting centers.

The election was marred by massive violence perpetuated by PF thugs imported from Lusaka by Mwaliteta and Judge Ngoma with the help from the Zambia police.

The seat was being held by the MMD’s Robbert Taundi Chiseke who was a saving minister in the PF government, and does not really add anything in terms of voting in parliament as Taundi was voting with the ruling party.

On the Copperbelt, Kabimba’s main challenger opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema faces an arrest for allegedly missing court after court summons were placed in the Daily Mail’s classified adverts instead of saving them on him or his lawyers.

Kabimba so far seems to have successifully knock out the internal challengers for the presidency within the PF and his backers at the Post newspaper have also targeted key PF figures such as Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda who they have continuously been bombarding with corrupt practices in their dealings with the mining firms in Zambia.

The other good news for Kabimba is that Sata seems to have finally succumbed and ready to leave the instruments of power to ceremonial vice-president Guy Scott who is part of the Kabimba’s Team A camp.

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