Kabimba dares HH and his dogs eating his left-overs


19th April 2013


Mr Kuchunga Edwin Simusamba

Deputy Secretary General

United Party for National Development



Dear Sir



I am in possession of a copy of your letter to the Anti-corruption Commission (ACC) dated 18th April, 2013, a copy of which I enclose herewith.

Whereas I do appreciate the fact that the topic at hand is a matter of public interest, I find the spirit and substance of your letter tainted with malice and bad faith on your part as an individual and UPND as a political organization.  I do not understand how and why you have only decided to question the ACC about my clearance when the announcement about Patriotic Front Cabinet Ministers involved in the alleged acts of corruption involved two of us.  The announcement to clear both of us was also made at the same time.

From the above, I am of the inescapable conclusion that UPND together with your leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema have hatched a plot to try to bring me down politically as an individual for reasons only you yourselves understand.  In this regard, I am left with no choice but to defend myself against Mr Hichilema and his Dogs of War.  You are driven in this political plot by your penurious livelihoods which make all of you worship Mr Hichilema as a demi-god by eating crumbs from his table.  I also know that you have been accomplices, if not, master-minders of this corruption plot against me from the beginning.  You have continued to apportion blame to me for your diminishing political fortunes and hence the culture of hate speeches against me which you have continued to cultivate as a party.  You are cowardly, wicked and shameless groups of individuals who see no value in another human being other than his tribe or ethnic group.

I challenge you, therefore, to go ahead with your public demonstrations and campaign which you have undertaken on the Zambian Watchdog with no success at all.  The Zambian people know who the genuine and credible leaders of this country are, and also their past and present credentials.  Dogs of War are hired at a fee for a military campaign but not as intelligent men of worthy, and hence their title, “Dogs of War”.

I can assure you all that you shall at no time rejoice with success in your diabolical actions against me and find me wanting in my public service.

Yours faithfully

Wynter M Kabimba, ODS, SC



C.C     :        His Excellency the President

State House



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