Kabimba denies PF divisions

Embattled ruling Patriotic Front Secretary general and justice minister Wynter Kabimba has denied the existence of intra party divisions which led to the recent matchete wielding cadres hacking and led to the death of one person Moses Simuwelu.

The PF has been drawn into a succession wrangle with two camps emerging, one supporting defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba and the other one supporting Kabimba as possible successor to ailing dictator Michael Sata but Kabimba vehemently denied the existence of such factions and maintained that the people who were causing confusions in the PF were former MMD members who wanted to hijack the ruling party, he also said.

During the burial of former information minister Kennedy Sakeni in Mansa, Kabimba appealed to his defence counterpart to bury their differences because the Sakeni who had been bringing them together when they differ was now dead. Ceremonial vice President Guy Scott also added his voice to the divisions when he stated that Sata, Scott and Kabimba belonged to the A team which could not be removed from the party.

At the height of the confusion, Kabimba who was almost toppled said the party was tribal and harboured corrupt elements who must be flushed out of the party, this prompted home affairs minister Edgar Lungu saying there would be no reconciliation in the PF until Kabimba names the corrupt ministers.

Kabimba was speaking on ZNBC TV1 ‘National Watch’ programme on Sunday and had difficulties to answer questions pertaining to the constitution and the roadmap for enacting the country’s new constitution.



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