Kabimba disgusts Sinazongwe youths


SG is a crucial political responsibility which does not only require academic qualifications but also needs a sense of morals so that an individual can fit into political, social and economic responsibilities.

In the company of mr Daniel Munkonbwe, the pf SG mr Winter Kabimba came to sinazongwe  to campaign  for the pf and the UPND’s Judus Iscariot   Siamunene, who happens to be their parliamentary candidate come a by-election. In his desperation and eagerness to find a good cloud of people to talk to, he ended up undressing himself the integrity worthy an SG by hijacking a funeral for a political meeting. How can someone in the capacity of an SG talk about politics to the mourners? That is not worthy doing even by a branch chairman.
Mr Kabimba demonstrated a very bad political investment. Instead of scoring goals for his party in Sinazongwe he scored an own goal because he left people of Sinazongwe astonished. That on its own has the potential to even take away the 10% support his party seem to have in Sinazongwe.

Imagine, the whole lot of the SG was almost beaten by youths after elders complained about his behaviour.

Mr Kabimba also used a cheap recruitment strategy in Sinazongwe where he called people to get free PF Chitenge materials, but surprisingly before handing over the chitenge he made sure those getting announced their way into PF.
It is very unfortunate for PF because people of Sinazongwe pretended with defection just to get free Chitenge, they did mr Kabimba a ‘don’t kubeba’ just like the way PF did the people of Zambia in 2011. Those same people promised to shock mr Kabimba and his Siamunene come a by-election.

Sinazongwe youth activist

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