Kabimba eats humble-pie on June 30 deadline for draft constitution

After bragging and talking endlessly and ordering the Technical Committee to give him the draft constitution by yesterday, Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba has failed to get it.

He was heard talking on the PF ding-dong ZNBC  this morning July 1, 2013 saying the Technical Committee would hand over the draft law in the next few days. This time Kabimba did not give any deadline probably for fear of looking foolish again.

Kabimba told ZNBC at 7 hours today that the Technical Committee has done the major works but is only doing minor improvements.

But the Watchdog is reliably informed that the officials drafting the constitution have decided to ignore Kabimba’s ratings and do a good job.

‘We have decided to ignore that fool so we are taking our time because we want to do a good job and will only hand over the draft constituiton when we are satisfied maybe in two weeks time but before July 30,’ a Technical committee member told the Watchdog.

The member told the Watchdog that the people who are writing the constitution are educated and have names to protect so can not dance to Kabimba and do a shoddy work because that would reflect badly on their respective Curriculum Vitae (CVs).

Upto yesterday June 30, 2013, Kabimba has been issuing ultimatums to the Technical Committee Drafting the Constitution telling them to  windup their work by 30th June.

But Committee Spokesperson Ernest Mwansa has always said that the committee will wind up its work on 31st July.

Mr Kabimba told parliament this morning that there is no standoff between the Ministry of Justice and the Technical committee on the deadline for the completion of the work.

He says government wants to uphold public confidence in the constitution making process because it wants public ownership of the process.

Mr Kabimba says his ministry considers the technical committee’s announcement that it will go up to 31st July to complete its work as hearsay.


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