Kabimba expects more misery under PF

Rainbow Party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba says he does not expect anything to change in the country in the next five years of the PF government.

The Watchdog knows that things will change, but for the worst.

Mr Kabimba says Zambians should rather brace themselves for harder times ahead than what they have experienced in the last 2 years. Point on. With thugs like Bowman Lusambo heading an economically strategic province Copperbelt, what can you expect apart misery?

He says his party does not think the PF government has the capacity to turn around the Zambian economy. Just look at Edgar Lungu, even his very appearance tells the story of lack of capacity. In fact that is why he can only appoint people like him or worse than he.
Asked whether he does not think that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) bailout package will help stimulate the Zambian economy, Mr. Kabimba has wondered which country in Africa has ever been saved and pulled out of poverty by the IMF.

Not just in Africa. Everywhere in the poor world. The IMF and World Bank, and the General Agreement of Tariffs and Trade (now WTO) were created by USA and Britain and later invited their second world war allies to spread neoliberal policies to the rest of the world. The destruction is visible everywhere. Only an idiot can expect the IMF to save Zambia. Of course Lungu and his type will benefit from sitting allowances on selling the remaining public companies.
In an interview with QFM, Mr. Kabimba says the history of the IMF is already known that its policies are not in the interest of the majority of the people of a country it enters into a deal with. Amen.

By the way, we do not support communism. That is for confused people.

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