Kabimba fails to turn-up as star witness in HH’s militia case forcing adjournment

The case in which UPND President Hakainde Hichilema is being persecuted for allegations of  publishing of false news  failed to take off before Lusaka Magistrate after the star witness Wynter Kabimba failed to show-up.

Hichilema’s case originates from a statement he made that the Patriotic Front had sent its cadres to Sudan to be trained as militias.

The statement was widely covered in the Post newspaper, but in typical case of double standards, the Post newspaper and its proprietors such as Fred Mmembe are not part of the proceedings to the case.

But  when the Daily Nation newspaper covered a story of Macdonald Chipenzi on recruitment of PF cadres into police training, Richard Sakala, the proprietor, was also arrested together with Chipenzi on the same charge of publication of false news with intent to cause alarm.

Last time Hichilema’s matter was called, Kabimba was present in court as the state’s star witness since he is the one who signed the Memoradum of understanding with the Sudanese government for training of PF youths in that country.

But when the matter was called by Magistrate Aridah Chulu, before a packed courtroom yesterday, the state asked for a hearing in the chambers where the matter was adjourned to 2nd and 12th December, 2014 for commencement of trial, hoping the former PF strongman Kabimba will this time turn-up and give evidence.

The state applied for an adjournment stating that witnesses were not ready to proceed with the matter.

Other state witnesses lined-up are the Post newspaper itself being the ones that carried the story, but who should actually been in the dock with Hichilema for the publishing the news.

And Hichilema complained of total harassment from the state on the numerous cases he is being persecuted.

Addressing his supporters at the Lusaka Magistrate Court complex which was heavily surrounded by armed police officers, Hichilema said he is the most harassed political leader in the country since 1991.

The vocal opposition leader said he sometimes wonders why he is being harassed by the government, but assured his supporters that he will never take their support for granted considering that they are always on his side.
The UPND leader has since encouraged his supporters to be strong and always seek strengthen from God to move forward.

This is the fourth time the matter has been adjourned.

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