Kabimba fears Mulungushi students, exams under police order

Kabimba fears Mulungushi students,  exams under police order


Students waiting for DC Chishala on Monday

Justice minister Wynter Kabimba has refused to address the protesting Mulungushi university students, for fear of being lynched by the irate students who have accused the PF of irresponsibility in running the country.

And management at the institution amid heavy police presence, have tried but in vain to persuade fourth year students to sit for their exams with only 8 out of the over 150 students bowing to pressure.

The students at the country’s third public university who ran amok last Friday have since written to Kabimba to come and address them on the PF’s policies that are likely to subject the nation to misery, thereby making it difficult for their sponsors to pay for their fees since they dont get government bursaries, which Kabimba has advised other private institutions to apply for.

Sources close to Kabimba have told the Zambian watchdog that Kabimba feels insecure to come to the institution and instead sent a word that he would only address them once they sit for their exams.
“After the booing of Kabwe DC at Nkrumah yesterday, the justice minister fears that the students who appear more violent than their Nkrumh colleagues may end up beating him, so he is scared, infact the advance party of the police was to provide security to him but it is like he has been advised not to travel to kabwe,” said the source.

Meanwhile students have vowed not to write their exams if Kabimba or indeed Education minister Dr. John Phiri does not come to the institution, only 8 out of about 150 students tried to heed the call but management are not yet decided whether to go ahead with the exams or not.

Kabimba’s policemen are still positioned at the campus trying to ensure that no more confusion takes place, but this has continued to make the mood tense.

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