‘Kabimba for president project is real and working’

Dear editor,
Please Hide My ID.
May I take the opportunity of congratulating you the Zambian Watchdog for the work you are doing. You make the internet worth connecting to. One constantly looks forward to reading not only the latest news but the news that is hidden from our view. Please keep this good work up and keep on informing us. They have tried to bring you down but there you are still going strong.
I have been monitoring HE MCS’s Facebook page and there’s seems to be no activity since he swore in Mbuzi as ambassador to Russia. It seems to me that going by your revelation on the K4$ (Kabimba for Sata) that it has been a well calculated plan that even George Chella has abandoned his president and has not updated his page . It is as though those who are in the know are already moving on to the next stage of getting Kabimba to takeover the reigns permanently. As much as the majority of PF members may not support it it is my view that in light of the corruption that this government has committed since coming into Government which has gone unreported by the so called “the paper that digs deeper” the ‘Past’ newspaper they will be forced to support it based on the information M’membe may have on a lot of them or risk being exposed.
And the first line they will tell us if the unfortunate happens is that Sata wanted Kabimba to take over from him as a chosen successor as we were told when LPM passed on about Magande. And probably we’ll get the first lady to agree to it just like Mrs Mwanawasa did or Kaseba  too may risk exposure of what her husband and herself were up to while in state house! Wow imagine that scenario, the PF actually accepting Kabimba to take over! They’ll be told to remain members or risk exposure. No wonder M’membe had people in strategic offices doing his bidding. they were there to constantly monitor the corruption going on and forward the information to him for later use. I pity the PF indeed they fell into a trap. We all know how RDA was moved to state house and we hear of how contracts have been handed out. not only RDA contracts but many other government contracts and services. Some were even being shielded from investigation. It may have to be we the Zambian voters that will have to rid this country of the “Peoples’ Fault” the “Pathetic Fools”.
My fellow Zambians please bear in mind that our main enemy is not the PF it is M’membe who is Zambia’s no. 1 enemy. He is a traitor to the Zambian people who sold us a failed project constantly brainwashing our minds that they were the the best alternative for Zambia as the MMD had failed, constantly manipulating our minds to believe they were the world’s most corrupt government and yet what has become of the court cases on corruption? My point here is basically about truth, that M’membe does not tell the truth to manipulate situations to suit himself rather than it being a justification of the MMD rule. After all it was the MMD under Rupiah Banda that found him guilty of fraudulently obtaining taxpayers money from DBZ. It was surely a happy day when MMD was dumped out and the boat took over. He’s been trying to get his revenge. First the judges (and it was in the Past newspaper that Mohan revealed one of the judges offered him freedom for money?), then Rupiah Banda himself. He has made it seem the current government is as clean as a whistle.
This K4$ is only a continuation of manipulation of the Zambian people to continue running away from his corruption. In getting rid of PF we shall be ridding ourselves of his manipulation and treachery and hopefully we can make him pay for all the lies he has told us.
I hope you the Zambian Watchdog will not betray the people of Zambia if a better government takes over ad you start singing their praises too and desert your duty of telling us the truth and the information hidden from us. We rely on you.
Thank you for space in your great publication.

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