Kabimba goes with witchcraft charms inside parliament

Kabimba goes with witchcraft charms inside parliament

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba this afternoon shocked both opposition and fellow ruling PF Members of Parliament when he entered the house holding what many are convinced were juju, witchcraft  charms,  in his hands.

Sata's wife and Kabimba receiving donations

Sata’s wife and Kabimba 

Both PF and opposition MPs revealed to the Zambianwatchdog that Kabimba had what was visibly a ‘ichishimba’ (some traditional fetish or charms) which he was waving around to the amazement of everyone at the height of the debate on the constitution making process.

“It’s some kind of a short stick that was also soft in some areas like a belt with some beads of different colours wrapped around it. We would have taken a picture but are not allowed to go with cameras inside the chamber. We were almost raising a point of order but due to the confusion over the constitution debate, parliament was immediately adjourned,” said some visibly shaken and surprised MPs.

The MPs said Kabimba was waving the same item in his hands and are wondering how he was allowed by parliament security officials to enter with such an item since they are not allowed.

“Perhaps it is because it was not too long and had hidden it in his jacket that’s why they did not notice it. But it really looked strange and it was the first time someone had such charms on the floor of the house. We are surprised they have now resorted to coming with charms inside the house, perhaps to hypnotize us,” said some of the longest serving MPs in parliament.

Opposition MPs started shouting at Kabimba asking him what he was holding and who he was talking to.

They teased him that they will strip him naked and search to see if he has more of the witchcraft stuff wrapped around his waist or stuffed under his armpits.

Kabimba is not new to traditional medicine or witchcraft. The Watchdog reported last year that a snake was found and killed inside president Michael Sata’s office allegedly sent by Kabimba.
State House security officials confirmed killing a snake inside Sata’s office shortly after he had left, but went back to pick something he had forgotten, but only to find a snake inside the office

He is believed to have a traditional witchdoctor man from Lukulu in Western who sometimes lives in his house and Mr. Sata is fully aware of this.
Last year, intelligence officials trailed Kabimba’s witchdoctor to Nangoma area in Mumbwa District where he was believed to have hidden while awaiting for payment from Kabimba.
The delayed payment was because the witchdoctor had not delivered the promise of bewitching president Sata so that Kabimba takes over as president.
The witchdoctor had promised to have Sata dead by July last year, during which he was going to be paid the full amount, but when that never happened, Kabimba refused to pay the balance.

In an apparent reference to Kabimba, Sata once told a gathering during the labour day celebrations that some people within the PF government had sangomas and juju, but his from Mpika, was too power than those who were trying to use things against him.

Kabimba is one of the leading contenders to replace the ailing dictator Mr. Sata who also uses traditional charms that makes him hate and phobia with people who have baldheads.

The issue of the constitution has proved very contentious in the country and perhaps traditional charms maybe at play to blind the whole country and force them into submission.

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