Kabimba group start suspending GBM supporters from PF

Winter Kabimba, Fred Mmembe and clique fighting for the PF presidency have now started suspending people supporting and endorsing president Michael Sata for 2016 being championed by Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM).

According to the Kabimba camp supported by their Post newspaper, the suspensions have started with PF officials in Northern Province, and GBM’s Constituency in Kasama where the endorsements for Sata started.

Among those suspended with the engineering of Kabimba and Fred Mmembe are Kasama District Chairperson Caleb Monta, Provincial vice treasury Wedson Sinkololwe, Kasama district youth information and publicity secretary Jackson Simutenda and district women’s information and publicity secretary Ireen Chitongo.

The GBM and Michael Sata sponsored camp in Kasama have been charged by the Wynter Kabimba and Fred Mmembe camp for allegedly continuing campaigning for President Sata’s candidature in 2016 by repeatedly issuing endorsements on Kasama’s radio Mano.

The Kabimba camp are claiming that those endorsing Mr. Sata are allegedly destroying and dividing the party.

There is deepened infighting within the PF camp on who leads the party in 2016 in what many suspect Mr. Sata won’t contest due to failing healthy which the senior leadership are not willing to openly disclose.

Even as recent as during the burial of late Defence minister Ben Mwila, Mr. Sata went to church with his medical doctor nearby, like he always does even on short engagements.

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