Kabimba group starts searching for Sakeni’s successor

The ruling PF, through their Secretary General Wynter Kabimba, have started identifying possible candidates for the Mansa Central Constituency, even before the ailing MP who is also Information Minister Kennedy Sakeni is no more.

The move by the Kabimba group to identify a potential candidate for Mansa Central has since annoyed the Defence Minister Geofrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) group who think it is un-Zambian to start identifying a successor to someone before one dies.

Sources within the PF said Kabimba’s rush to identify candidates is part of his hidden agenda to have more MPs to his side that would support his presidential ambitions.

Highly placed sources within the PF said so far, three prominent businessmen and former MPs for Mansa Central have been approached with a view to field them even before the man, Mr. Sakeni, gives up.

“It is like these people are celebrating the eminent demise of their colleague and have since intensified their search for Mr. Sakeni’s successor, something that is totally evil. Instead of caring about their colleague who arrived in the country last week Tuesday from India and currently hospitalized at University Teaching Hospital, they are busy preparing to replace him.” Sources have disclosed to the Watchdog.

Sources said most of Sakeni’s cabinet and party colleagues, including President Michael Sata, have not visited Sakeni in hospital noting that those who have done so have done it with malice.

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